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Thursday, August 23, 2012

3 months old

My sweet baby is 3 months old!  My how things have changed in 3 months.  Levi’s belly issues have for the most part gotten straightened out.  He used to grunt, strain, and cry all the time.  Now he just cries!  :)  No, even that has gotten somewhat better.  He is still fussier than we would like at times, but he is SO SO sweet to make up for it.  He is starting to smile and talk so much more.  He has even been giving us little baby laughs which I love!  I kiss him all the time because I know there will come a day when he won’t want kisses any more!  He still hates the car seat.  :(  It is so hard to drive and listen to him screaming.  I try my best to tune it out, but it really does get under my skin.  We are going to Nashville this weekend, and I’m really dreading it.  He is so bad in his car seat that I haven’t really gone out with him much.  I go to places that I am going to be getting him out, but places like Walmart or Target are almost impossible.  He doesn’t want to sit in his seat, therefore he screams.  So then I pick him up, but it is so hard to hold him while pushing a buggy.  But if I leave him in his seat screaming, I get all sorts of looks!  That being said, I have still not ventured a shopping trip with both kids.  Matt does all the grocery shopping because it is just too hard with Levi.  I think it will get much better when I can put him in the front of the buggy – hopefully.  Anyways, positive things – Levi can go from laying down to standing.  Pretty impressive to watch.  He is so strong!  He can stand by just holding on to our fingers.  Of course he is wobbly, but I don’t know if Cooper was doing that at this age.  He is definitely ready for solids.  I haven’t started him and probably won’t until after his 4 month appointment, but he is already eyeing our food and starting to open his mouth.  Pretty cute!  He loves his hands.  They are his favorite toy!  And he loves his tongue.  Drool is everywhere.  Sleeping is still not very consistent.  One night he slept 11 1/2 hours without waking up.  The next night he slept 10 1/2 hours.  So of course I’m thinking this will continue!  Nope, the night after those two, he woke up every 3 hours!  Oh well!!  He is completely unswaddled, so I think that has a lot to do with it.  If something startles him, he will wake up.  Another one of those things that will get better the older he gets.  He really likes Bible Class.  I don’t know how they keep him entertained for such a long time, but he does great!  Anyways, I love him so much!  He is so kissable, lovable, huggable, unbelievable!

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Saturday, August 18, 2012



me and Coop


me and Levi