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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Katie's Baby Shower

Yesterday, we had a baby shower for one of my BFFs Katie.  She isn't due until December 2nd, but they are moving to Florida on Thursday, so we wanted to send her off well!  She is having a little girl this time, so it was so exciting to pick out pink things!


Katie and the hostesses: me, Katie, Jamie Bird, April, and Jami May

Jan, Jami, April, and Ms. Jenny

Katie, Krista, Jan, Jami, and Abby

A cute giraffe our friend Brooke made.  You should check out her etsy shop.

We are going to miss you Katie!!

Friday, July 29, 2011


Thursday, Coop and I headed to a swim play date.  Cooper had never been in the pool before, so I was kind of nervous at how he would do.  He did great!  He loved the water, and I think would have been content to stay out there all day.  After the pool, we went inside for a little fun before we had to leave.  Cooper and Maddox are such good buddies.  They play really well together.  Too bad Maddox is moving away in 6 days!!  Katie and I have already planned to get together sometime, so they will stay friends.  But I will definitely miss our regular play dates.


Weekend O Fun

This past weekend, several of my mommy friends and I went to Atlanta to get away. I was so excited about the trip. It was going to be so good to have a break! Friday we left around 1:00 and headed to Buckhead for a mani and pedi! I haven't had a pedicure since my wedding!!! So it was long overdue. After the nail salon, we headed to Cheesecake Factory to eat. It was so good! We were all so stuffed from our meal that we had to get our cheesecake to go. That's ok though because when we got to April's parents house, we managed to eat some while watching a classic - Dirty Dancing. Such a girl movie, right?!? On Saturday we took it easy in the morning and hung out by the pool. I had not been swimming this summer, so that was nice to relax with my girlfriends. After swimming we made our way to IKEA. If you have never been to IKEA, you should go! Unfortunately they don't have very many around. :( After many hours of shopping, we went to California Pizza Kitchen. So good. And it was packed! To end the night, we went back to the house to play games and have some more girl talk. We went back home on Sunday, and I just felt like the weekend flew by! Of course I missed Matt and Coop, but I really did need a vacation. I feel like I've been a much more relaxed mommy since the trip. It will definitely be an annual thing!

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15 months

Cooper turned 15 months July 13th and I'm just now getting around to writing this! Oh well! At his doctor's appointment he weighed 25.2 pounds which is 75th percentile. I think he was 32 inches long. I can't really remember but I do know that is also 75th percentile. He is definitely a growing boy! He eats us out of house and home. I'm not looking forward to the teenage years. :) At the doctor's he told us to transition Cooper to a toddler bed. But that is definitely out of the question! He is now falling asleep without screaming! Yay! It is so nice to be able to put him in his crib and walk away. Even though he doesn't fall asleep right away, at least he is content to be in there until he falls asleep. Last night he actually laid in his bed for an hour before falling asleep. But he just talked to himself and played until falling asleep. He has really started talking a lot! We can understand some of what he is saying and it sounds like he is saying sentences. He loves to sing "The Lord's Army" and "If You're Happy and You Know It". It is so cute to watch him march around, clap his hands, and yell "Amen!". Cooper is such a joy! Of course we are entering tantrum times, but overall he is so sweet!
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Pictures from the Phone

Before I start on this post, make sure you read all my new posts.  This will be my fourth post this weekend, so don't miss any!

Here are a couple pictures and videos from my phone that I needed to share.  All random, so enjoy!

Riding in his wagon that Lolly and Poppy got him for his birthday

I was trying to clean out the guest bedroom and didn't have a baby gate.  So I used this tub to block his way.  He wasn't very happy with me!

While I was cleaning the guest bedroom, he was sitting in his room tearing up his pop-up book!

I think this may have been on the way home from a zoo trip.  He was worn out!

Maddox and Cooper at one of our Share Group get togethers

Van and Cooper watching the diggers

Sweet boy hiding under the end table

playing in his pool on Memorial Day

Date Night for me and the hubs.  We went to Ariccia which was yummy!

He got in this position and kept saying "stuck" over and over again.

Drinking pool water

I think this may have been when I took him to the splash park without a change of clothes!  So he got to ride home naked!

Playing in the pool at Nana's and Papa Tom's

This was on Father's Day.  I sent this to my dad to wish him a happy one.

We were taking a walk around the neighborhood, and a random cat came up to Coop.  Of course he wanted to play with it!

On our vacation in Gatlinburg and the Log Cabin Pancake House with Daily

Remle and Frankie

eating more pancakes at The Pancake Pantry

This is a common occurrence whenever Coop gets around Poppy.  Giving him sweet tea!

I got to babysit the two youngest.  Mom swore that they would both take naps, but nope!  They were crazy.  :)

This was right after our Gatlinburg vacation.  Cooper had a stomach bug and did not feel well at all!  I think he was watching 101 Dalmations with his daddy.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Playing in the Rain

Tonight we had a nice summer rain.  So to keep Cooper occupied until bedtime, we let him go outside to play.  He LOVES the rain.  He hates showers and sprinklers, but he loves the rain.  I know, doesn't make sense.  But whatever makes him happy is good with me!

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VBS - Friendship Style

While I was in Memphis, we got to attend Friendship Church of Christ's VBS.  My sister was director this year, so I was anxious to get to experience it with Cooper.  Their theme was "Armor of God", and they had the church decorated like the army.  Cooper really enjoyed it, especially the ending with all the singing and skits.

Daily and Cooper in the nursery on Sunday morning

First night of VBS.  He's decked out in his army gear!

Lolly and her soldiers

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Visit with old friends

This past week I took a trip to Memphis since Matt was in Honduras on his youth group mission trip.  While I was there, Caroline and Michelle (my college roommates) came to see me!  Our other roommate Trish couldn't be there :( but we tried to have fun anyway!  Here are a couple pictures from our time together.

Caroline at 16 weeks and Michelle at 30 weeks

Trying to get a good group picture, but Cooper was having none of it!

We had a mini-shower for Caroline and Michelle

I LOVE these girls!

Playing with his stick

And a ball - we have to play with balls!