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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cousin for Cooper

Frankie Grace decided to "grace" us with her presence a week early! And we are so glad she did! Cooper and I are leaving sometime today to go see everyone. We are so fortunate that Cooper is going to have a cousin so close in age. Hopefully they will be best buds!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Now that Cooper is sitting up, everything at mouth level is fair game! I'm pretty sure he is teething somewhat. I haven't seen any teeth yet, but he sures loves to gum everything!
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Doing things is what I like to do

Cooper is a very busy fellow these days. No more laying around. He is an active boy! I know that he is going to keep me on my feet for many years to come. Please pray for me! :)

We had a play date with some of our favorite little guys. Walker was just added to our group a little over two weeks ago! In a couple of months, he will be in the floor playing with the others. I'm so blessed to have a great group of girls that I can get together with! Hopefully we will have many more years with these wonderful ladies and boys!

Cooper loves to watch Roxie. He would sit there all day if he could. In the mornings, Matt opens the door and lets Cooper admire the dog. It is definitely helping his sitting skills!

What a precious expression! Cooper loves peaches.

He also loves his fingers!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Look at ME Mom!

Cooper is now sitting on his pretty well. We still have to stay close to him to keep him steady at times, but he has come so far! It won't be too much longer till he will be moving!

Don't miss the post below!
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Cooper Makes Friends

Today we had a play date at our friend Katie's house. We had so much fun with the other two little boys there. The boys are all so close in age that it was fun to see them interact. Cooper is the youngest, so it was exciting for me to see what all he will be able to accomplish in the next couple of weeks. We tried to get a couple of good pictures. They were so funny that I decided to post several. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

5 months old

Cooper turned 5 months old on Monday! Sometimes I just can't believe I have a baby that is 5 months old. It seems like he has been with me forever, and yet it is also crazy to think that he hasn't been in this world as long as he was inside of me. He is growing soooo fast! It seems like every week he is doing something new. I know that before I know it, he will be a year old, and my "baby" will be gone! I just hug him and kiss him so much right now, because I know there will be a day when he will not like me doing that. Hopefully not too soon though.
Here are some updates:
  • He is getting very close to sitting up on his own. Sometimes he can make it for 30 seconds or more. He is very topsy-turvy and always wants to play with his feet which causes him to fall over. I think he will be sitting on his own in the next couple of weeks.
  • He loves to stand. If you go to lift him up to a sitting position, he goes ahead and pushes off with his feet to make himself stand.
  • He turns onto his stomach ALL THE TIME. The reason for the all caps is that he turns over, but can't figure out how to get to his back and then gets mad. It is exhausting! Many times I leave him there for a while to fuss. He needs to figure it out! I know one day he will just get it and then will be rolling everywhere. But right now Matt and I are so tired of having to turn him over.
  • He LOVES his feet. Sometimes I will go to get him out of his bed, and he will have his WHOLE foot in his mouth just sucking away. Personally I don't see what is so good about sucking on your feet, but he is sure cute doing it!
  • When he is on his stomach, he can lift his chest all the way off the floor. It is like he is doing a push-up. If he could get his little bottom up, he would be crawling!
  • During tummy time, he really is trying to go for toys that are out of his way. He knows that he should be able to get to them if he could just get a little closer. I think he gets a little frustrated at that, but he will get them soon enough.
  • He is now going to bed at 8:00. It is great that he is going down so soon, but it also makes church nights and any late night activities hard. He usually wakes up anywhere from 5:00 to 6:00 and then goes back to sleep for an hour. He then is awake for 30 minutes to an hour and then takes another hour to two hour nap. He loves to sleep in the mornings. Wish the rest of the day was like that!
  • He fights naps with the best of them! Kicking, hitting, flailing. Sometimes the "crying it out in the crib" thing works, and other times it results in screaming. I think it is all in the timing, but unfortunately I haven't gotten that mastered. :(

There a lot more things I could list, but I know many of you just looked at the picture and then went to the next blog. I will save it for his 6 month! He is the sweetest boy ever. When I first found out I was having a little boy, I just didn't know what I would do with one. But I love it! I can't wait to see what the next 5 months are going to hold for us!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Bath Time

So I realized that I hadn't taken any video of Cooper's bath time. Normally bath time is kind of hectic. It is his fussiest time of the day. We do it every night as part of his bed time routine. And so I'm usually trying to hurry to get him to bed. He LOVES bath time though. He could be screaming and all we would have to do is put him in the bath, and he would calm down. Anyways, this video isn't the best. I am in the way a lot, and it is just hard for Matt to get a good shot because of the way the bathroom is set up. But you get the idea. I wish I could put more on here of him kicking and splashing, but there was no way to keep "things" covered for privacy sake. Anyways, enjoy! There is nothing cuter than a naked baby!! :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our little bulldozer

So this video is probably not very exciting to a lot of you. But to Matt and I, it was very exciting. He had started out on one side of the blanket. Matt was playing with him and realized that Cooper kept knocking him in the head. Matt kept having to scoot back. We realized that Cooper was moving forward. Of course the real video is much much longer than this. And of course he isn't getting anywhere fast, but it's a start. We call him a little bulldozer because he doesn't get up on his arms, he just puts his face down and goes. It won't be long before he can get wherever he wants. On a side note: how cute is he in his camouflage pajamas?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

We're Getting Stronger!

Unfortunately this is the last time he could wear these overalls. He is just too big for them now. He is in 6-9 months clothes!
He loves his feet. They are his constant toys!

Today I put him in his crib to take a nap and went in to check on him, this is how I found him.

Check out this video of him rolling from his back to belly. He gets so frustrated when he rolls to his belly because he hasn't figured how to get back to his back.

Here is a great video of him jumping. This was my sister's jumper. He loves it!