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Thursday, August 27, 2009

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

Yesterday, Matt and I went to Florence, AL to see my grandmother. She was not doing well, so I took the day off to see her. It was a long day. Four and 1/2 hours there and back. A lot of driving! But it was worth it to see my grandmother one last time. My mom called me this morning and told me that my grandmother had passed away. I was so thankful that we had taken the time to go yesterday. I know she is in Heaven right now with Pawpaw and Hannah. We will miss her dearly!

On a happier note, I got to see my neices yesterday as well. It was so evident to me of how life goes by so quickly. They were there to see Mawmaw who had lived a very long life, while my neices are very new to this world. It seems like that no matter how many times we have to say goodbye to someone, there is always someone new to say hello to.

Here are some cute pictures of them yesterday.

Daily is working a "catching" some rocks.

Remle enjoying the see-saw.

My beautiful sister!

Matt is definitely everybody's favorite.

Monday, August 24, 2009


This past weekend was the annual Fall Retreat for the teens. We headed to Pine Eden, a great retreat place in Georgia. Thankfully, it only takes about 45 minutes to get there, because the vans rides were very loud with all the girls singing! We got there Friday night and kicked off the retreat with a wonderful guest speaker. Kenny is a youth minister from Anniston, AL. He did a wonderful job of showing us the importance of TRANSFORMing our lives.

Friday night, we didn't get a whole lot of sleep, because once again, girls were singing until about 1:00 in the morning. I don't think they went to bed until 2:00. But Saturday was still good despite the sleepiness. I managed to find time to take a nap. :) Saturday was filled with wonderful food cooked by our amazing cooks, games and funny movies, and a tear-soaked activity called "apples".

Sunday was short and sweet. We had a lovely communion service, and then cleaned and packed up to go home!

The retreat was incredible. I am always amazed at what a wonderful job my husband does at planning these events. And he stays so energetic throughout the weekend! Anyways, check out some of these pictures from the retreat!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

My grandmother has been staying with my mom while awaiting potential eye surgery. So while my mom was in possession of my grandmother, they decided to pay us a visit. My grandmother got to spend some time with her daughter, Charlene, who she has not seen in 6 years. Grandma Curtis cannot drive and Charlene never leaves the Valley. I had never met Charlene, so that was exciting for me. While Grandma Curtis stared with Charlene the majority of the time, Mom hung out with me and Matt.

She came to my work for the the first time on Friday. Then after that, we went to Olive Garden and then over to Best Buy. On Saturday, after Mom dropped off Grandma at Charlene's, we went to Tiger Town to do a little shopping. I got a new set of dishes! I have been looking for over a year for a new set. I love them! Matt got a different antenna at Best Buy. Matt has been trying to get regular channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, etc.) on our tv, but has been unsuccessful. This is not Matt's fault. Auburn does not get regular channels. Who knew?! Definitely not us. So Matt has bought 3 different antennas, with zero success. I guess that means no college football for my sweet hubby.

Matt has also been trying to set up Mom's new wireless internet. She has the connection through her cell phone service. It worked great in Auburn, but out in the boonies where my mom lives, she cannot get service. Just another reason to visit Best Buy for the third time in one weekend!